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‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ runs classes for children with disabilities. Through the Performing Arts we promote independence and self-confidence and help build a brighter future for children with Autism, Down syndrome, Hearing Impairment, Cerebral Palsy and Learning Disabilities.

The need for our work is increasing because the number of children in the United Kingdom with disabilities is growing. According to Government figures, there are 800,000 children with disabilities (6% of all children). This is a 16% increase over the last decade.

Social isolation is a huge problem for these children. ‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ has developed unique performing arts workshops, where the children can connect with other participants and act out situations in a playful and creative way and then carry the skills and confidence they acquire into everyday life.

Performing together in weekly workshops our children, learn to express themselves creatively whilst having fun, this contributes significantly to their quality of life. There are benefits across the spectrum of disabilities; the feedback we receive from the children’s families confirms this.

‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ is dedicated to developing the potential of Special Needs children in an environment of safety and security.


The Charity helps hundreds of children and young people with disabilities every year, but the facts are that there are over 800,000 children in the UK who would benefit from our help.

In order to widen our community and continue helping as many children as possible, the Charity needed a new brand which was simpler, stronger and not to be confused with any other commercial businesses in the market place with a similar name.

‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ is now the charity’s new name. This new name lets the Charity stand apart with it’s endeavours in teaching children with disabilities to develop into strong, self-confidence and independent members of the community through the use of the performing arts.

‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ is a memorable name which will not just reinforce our presence as a charity but will also become the organisation that parents turn to first when looking for help with their special needs children.

We want our children and their success stories to be more powerful than ever before, all our children with disabilities are different, but they have the satisfaction of knowing they are not alone.