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Helping Children with Physical or Learning disabilities

‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ is a UK Registered Charity (Registration No. 1081561) founded in 2000 offering children and young people with disabilities (i.e. helping children with physical or learning disabilities) the opportunity to live more fulfilled lives, through weekly drama, music and movement workshops.

The Charity’s motto is: Performing Together!

Every week our children and staff come together to make this happen – all unique individuals participating in the group where the joy of performance and expression supplies validation and confidence in a supported environment.

Each class lasts for two and a half hours and is staffed by two teachers and three teaching assistants, there are also up to three volunteers many of whom are working within a community awards scheme such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ has teachers and teaching assistants and all our staff fully comply with the statutory requirements for working with vulnerable young people. The age range of the children and young people who attend our classes is 6-19 and we currently have over one hundred attending our classes nationwide.

We currently operate workshops in 3 areas across country: Colchester, Eastleigh and Hampton – ENROL NOW

‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ has also collaborated in running a number of Outreach Projects in partnership with various other organisations.