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Eastleigh Student Molly Grist in Fundraising Initiative

Fundraising Initiative by ‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ ‘InStep’ Student.

Molly Grist, one of our longest attending students at ‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’ Eastleigh ‘InStep’ programme, read a piece that she has written about her experiences of the charity’s Eastleigh workshops over the past 5 years and what it has meant to her. The intention of Molly’s initiative was to raise awareness of the charity’s work and to highlight the benefits through her telling of the events that have made up her personal journey.

All donations made by the those attending are gratefully recieved by ‘The Performing Arts Children’s Charity’.

A huge Thank You to Stagecoach Southampton for all the support. And well done Molly for taking your message (and that of the Charity) out into the world in your own unique and innovative way.